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Manage your projects to life

Introducing SWAP PM — we are project advocates on a mission to help teams accomplish more work in less time, and feel good doing it.

SWAP PM is a cloud-based, subscription-based proprietary project management platform that dynamically converts your manual wall pull plan into a virtual tracking system that your entire team can access. With features like calendar integration, keyword searchable filtering, task reviews, and customized meetings types, your team can track their tasks in real-time from anywhere.

A gantt chart shows you the schedule, it doesn’t show you how to get there — SWAP PM is your road map


Get a bird’s eye view of your timeline and important milestones up to one full year at a time.


Automate look-ahead 
emails and task lists, so
each team member knows
what’s coming next.


View your project  schedule months or minutes down the road. Identify  roadblocks and potential problem areas early so they don’t slow you down in the moment.


Deliver your projects on time and on budget. With easy access to important project data in real-time, you’ll never wonder where the time went.

Key Features

Effectively manage and see your project in real-time, visualizing the current phase, today's status, upcoming milestones, and the individual contributions needed from team members to move forward.

Different colors represent action items (internal meetings, client meetings, SWAP meetings, or tasks), allowing you to quickly visualize your workload at a glance.

Observe the time durations (start/stop) in relation to other action items and phases displayed on the grid. This enables you to monitor progress of longer activities and understand their potential impact on day-to-day tasks.

The grid visually indicates where work is accumulating and where it's relatively light, categorized by each discipline and project phase.

See it in action

Manage day-to-day tasks

Creating transparency and build trust within your team. Ensure each team member has what they need to do their job well and understands their personal value in a project's outcome.

Update notes in real time

Eliminate analysis paralysis and overwhelm with centralized, searchable, up-to-date tracking information — no data mining necessary.

Automate look-ahead emails

Stop eating lunch at your desk. Create balance and take back your time. Eliminate redundant email chains and checklists so you can focus on getting work done faster. 

Apply filters/keyword searches

 Find focused, detailed project history in seconds. Free-up brain space while moving the project forward.

Customize your dashboard

Grant yourself clarity and peace of mind by viewing high-level information at a glance.

For more information or to schedule a demo,

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